K. Hartwall

We represent K. Hartwall’s A-MATE® mobilerobot in Finland and in Sweden. A-MATE® is a fully electrical safe pallet AMR that has a free navigation (reads the environment using laser scanners, no fixed infrastructure for navigation needed), Omnidrive, pallet detection and a free lift that is able to lift 1000 kg up to 1 meter.

Technical details:

  • load capacity 1000 kg
  • adjustable lift height up to 1000 mm
  • top speed 5,4 km/h
  • Omnidrive (the wheels of the robot can turn 360⁰)
  • free navigation (SLAM), no fixed infrastructure needed for navigation
  • the duration of the Li-Ion battery typically 10 hours with a standard battery and the robot can be equipped with an extra battery for extended battery capacity
  • 360⁰ continuous safety scanning.

We deliver new A-MATE® mobilerobot systems for various applications:

  • demanding logistical environments
  • transportation of multiple types of load carriers, i.e. pallets, Lean Dollies & Adaptor Pallet, roll cages, foldable cages
  • delivery and pick-up of loads to and from automatic storages.

We offer comprehensive services:

  • sales and delivery
  • installation
  • programming
  • training
  • maintenance and repairs
  • spare parts.