Press brake

One of press brake robot’s major benefits is the constant high-quality it produces. When it comes to heavy and repetitive jobs, humans get tired easily and that might lead to faults in the finished product. In press brake tending the robot’s perks can be clearly seen in big and repetitive batches, because the set-up time per object will be minimized.

  • robots can be integrated to most of press brakes
  • size of the object can be from a few millimeters to several square meters
  • efficient, precise, repeatable, and continuous production
  • other jobs can be also integrated to same work cycle, like riveting, PEM, threading, sinking etc.
  • transferable robot solutions
  • magazines
  • sheet separators
  • 0-position stations
  • grippers
  • suction cup
  • magnet
  • mechanical gripper
  • tool changer.