Used robots

Avertas Robotics buys, sells, and deals used KUKA, Fanuc, ABB and Motoman/Yaskawa robots. Due to our extensive base of customers and partners, we are able to sell maintained used machines at an excellent price.

Is your old robot system in need of newer technology?

Is your robot worn out? Methods old-fashioned? Availability of spare parts questionable? Faults appearing frequently? Stoppages in production happening way too often? Capacity is low?

Avertas Robotics can resell your old robot system for an excellent price. We have successfully found buyers for all old robot systems sold by us! Your old machine can stay in production until it’s sold, or it can be transferred to Avertas Robotic’s premises. We perform a comprehensive maintenance for almost all used robots either here in Turku, or in our customer’s premises.

If we don’t have a used robot system that fits your needs on our list at the moment, we will either find one, or offer you a brand-new robot system. Don’t hesitate to contact us – let’s figure out the best solution together.


Contact our specialist if you want to resell your machine, or if you are interested in buying a used machine in great condition!

Ari Laukkanen
Senior Advisor